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e-Monkey has always been a subscriber to the "Infinite Monkey" theories.

We believe that your solution (we don't even need to know what it is), is as close as "Infinity"

That thing you need


You know you need to do this, but either not sure what it is, how to do it, or just don't care. We'll get it done, infinitely better, in infinitely more time.



I'm not sure "solutions" can ever really be defined. So, just stop trying. We can tell you what your "solution" is if you need something to write on some paper.



Everyone hates to document things, so we deliver full documention before the job is complete (and if you've been following, that's slightly before infinity).



While we have very competetive pricing, we believe you would rather pay more than you want to. Therefore, since eventually we will be delivering everything that's even possibly, maybe you should go buy one of those dollar bill throwers.


5$ per unit

Geez, at $5 per unit, what do you expect from us.

Reminder, a standard job is of infinite length, so infinite units


Man, thinking is hard


10$ per unit

Normal, or double-basic, is twice as


I'm tired of typing, where are those damn monkeys?


22$ per unit

Does $22 sound arbitrary? It is. But at least it's not $10

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